Roots & Wings

Who We are ?

We are an Indian clothing company that aims to cater hi-qualify, hi-fashion world class styles in a thoughtful and customer-centric way.

Roots & Wings

Why Us

Because you have a RAW side, that's vulnerable, that wants to belong, needs to be loved, accepted, that looks for a community, wants to stay connected, yet stand out and be protected.

  •  Because you are our inspiration.
  • Because we promote inclusivity and make clothing for all shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Because we think the world as one community without barriers and want to design dreams for a compassionate world.
  • Because we make clothing for that unique "YOU".
  • Because we applause the ordinary.
  • Because it is our mission to change attitudes with every piece of clothing we make for you.
  • Because we don't make you fit our clothes, we make sure our clothes fit you.
  • Because right from designing, researching, sourcing, sampling, shooting, packing, and bringing it to you, we are mindfully aware of your presence and needs.
  • Because your needs and convenience are at the centre of our equation.
  • Because there shouldn't be the need to bridge the gap between what you want and what you get, yet there is and so we are!
  • Because this bridge is cemented by the hardwork of our resilient and skilled employees whose core values are based on the beliefs of longevity and loyalty, who are craftsmen since generations.
  • When you own a piece of R&W clothing, you have a piece of our hearts.

Roots & Wings

What is our VISION?

Aligning our growth with yours, thereby making Roots and Wings reach every wardrobe through way of your heart.