May 28 , 2021

Polo neck tee-shirts that will change your fashion game

Are you too tired and lazy to pick out an outfit for an occasion? 

We know that sometimes it can be a ginormous  in this unbearable heat nobody has it on their minds to have to use their energy on choosing or putting together an outfit, that is why, we have curated a list of t-shirts to keep you looking fresh and stylish this season.

We have created a list according to occasions that you may be attending and some general tips and tricks to pull the look off.

1. To Hit The Gym Or Sporty Activity

Smart and sporty, this polo half sleeve t-shirt is infinitely versatile, which is why it can be your ultimate ally. This shirt has an athletic slim cut that hugs the body for a nice flattering fit that shows off your hard work in the gym. Grabbing the attention on the buffed shoulder and chest, while quietly hiding the parts you are less keen about.  The material cools the fabric down and absorbs perspiration subtly without any sweat stains. This is by far the most comfortable tee you could opt for. Here’s a similar polo neck tee you could style by Roots and Wings.

2. A walk in the nature

If the event does arise that you feel like going on a trek or to your local plant nursery, we’ve got you covered. The best outfit to put on are Earthy toned polo neck t-shirts. For this event we’d suggest that you steer clear of extremely bright colours or printed tees as well. Wearing dull and earthy tones will definitely help you feel one with nature and yet make you stand out for having an immaculate sense of style and a master of matching colours.

3. A day out

The collar automatically gives you an effortless semi-formal look for any event while allowing you to stay comfortable in the sultry summers. After experimenting with polo neck tees for a while, you’ll realize that if you ever choose a print, for it to work, it will have to be a small print. The tip we have for you is to stay away from large printed polo-neck tees and focus on finding smaller prints. And if the look is too simple for your taste, we suggest you top it off with a denim jacket or leather jacket. That will instantly take your look to a whole other level.

4. Going out for a date

When you’re going out on a date, the key to making the best first impression on the other person is to dress correctly for the occasion. A vertical striped polo neck tee will NEVER let you down. Whether it be a fast food place or an amusement park date, there’s just no way to go wrong with it. It will not only instantly make you look more put together, but also boost your level of confidence. Whatever be the occasion, you can rely on a well-balanced, colour-coordinated striped yellow polo neck t- shirt to keep you looking sleek.

Here’s some additional tips to help you style these tees-


As a general rule, it’s better to stick to the plain polo shirt when you’re first trying them out and perhaps to also experiment with more muted colours. White, black, navy and grey will offer you the most versatility as they work with most skin tones and body types. When you’re ready, then by all means start to widen your horizons by checking out the wide range of coloured polo shirts

on the market and even working up to stripes and patterns. We’d advise choosing a colour that complements rather than clashes with your skin tone or hair colour. Remember not everyone can pull off yellow or fuchsia pink, but if you’re feeling confident then go for it!

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